Visiem Flash banneriem vзlams nodroрinвt arо atbilstoрo GIF vai JPEG formвta banneri, jo ne visi lietotвji izmanto pвrlыkprogrammas, kas atbalsta Flash formвtu.

Flash banneri jвsaglabв 7.0 versijв vai vecвkв.

Lai Flash bannerus varзtu aktivizзt (uzklikрнinвt), ir jвizveido speciвla "poga" ("button"):
on (release) {
getURL(clickTAG, "_top");

Instrukcija (angпu val.) kв sagatavot pogu

How to create clickTAG thing in Flash4:

A banner have to contain "button" for clicking. You have to create button:

1. Make one layer, and create (transparent) quadrangular shape or at least this shape have to cover the click area.

2. Group this shape (Crtl G) and convert to symbol (press F8). When pop-up window opens, choose BUTTON and click ok.

3. Click quickly to the button shape and you will see next pop-up. Go to Action and choose (from left top) + Get url.

4. Go to right side and beside the url box is a button, take expression mode. Write to the url box: clickTAG. Below is a window-box, choose _top mode (for pop-under _blank).

Statistics for user clicks

All getURL actions in flash need to be defined with clickTAG. The URL it is going to link to does not need to be added to the flash animation. Choice ґExpressionЎ needs to be selected!

Flash 5 vers. is a little different, but on principle same:

1. Insert layer.

2. Draw rectangle around banner area (press R). Using arrow
tool (press V) select your new object. Group it (press Ctrl+G),
create a symbol of it (press F8). Enter some name for symbol (for example . clickTAG) and choose "Button" as a behaviour.

3. Open Instance panel (Ctrl+I), Effects tab. Choose Alpha with 0%
to make area transparent.

4. Right click on the area, select Actions. Drag getURL action into
right window, type clickTAG in URL field, check "Expression" near
and choose some Window (_top mode, for pop-under _blank).

5. You can open "Movie explorer" (Ctrl+Alt+M) to check, that
action is really assigned to your symbol, not something else.

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